How To Send Free SMS Text Messages From Any Computer

Do you know how to send free SMS text messages? Text messages are a daily part of our lives.
They let us communicate with people in seconds without having to call and waste precious breaths.
You may think we are lazy for liking them but I think they are convenient.
I actually would like to give the inventors a pat on the back.

But what if you lost your mobile phone? What if you ran out of messages.
What if another problem occurs and you cannot use your cellphone or aren’t in reach with it.
Luckily if you have a computer and an email address you are saved.

Send Free SMS Text Messages:

Go to your nearest computer and open up to your email service
Get the number and mobile service provider of whoever you want to text messages
Once you have that go to this list of carriers providing SMS transit and scroll down till you reach their mobile service provider.
Once you have reached it, write down the email address you have to email to
After you've done all of that, go back to your email and write up a new message
In the To: section write for example,, as with the area code
Put what ever is in the Subject: section and just write the message normally
Click Send once your done

Now you can go back to text messaging even without a phone and with no hassle.

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